Regardless of industry, we offer unique, relevant solutions expertly crafted for any company that seeks to reward and motivate its customers and their employees.

Financial Institutions

Bridge2 directly powers the loyalty programs of seven of the top ten financial institutions in North America and the top two global financial technology companies, along with thousands of financial institutions through our resellers. We understand the critical, competitive component loyalty plays in the financial services industry and continue to innovate and deliver first-to-market solutions that enable financial institutions to grow and retain their valuable customers.

Travel & Hospitality

Loyalty programs have been part of travel businesses beginning in the 1970s with the first frequent flier programs. Today, loyalty programs are in travel & hospitality’s DNA, touching every niche and seeping into every aspect of the customer relationship for airline and hotel rewards programs. Our scalable platform ensures you stay ahead of trends, bringing all types of loyalty currencies to life, including reward options other than travel services to facilitate more frequent and lower value redemptions, which drive engagement and brand loyalty.

Health & Wellness

Marketing managers and employers know that incentive programs are successful in motivating behavior change. Our modular platform allows you to design a flexible program that’s rich in rewards choices, and encourages consumers and employees to perform healthy activities and reach personal goals.


Bridge2 understands the importance of increasing sales and store traffic to Retailers.  Our latest breakthrough reward products give you access to the loyalty economy to drive new customers and incremental sales and revenue from reward currencies to your growing business.  Choose from an online store or in-store wallet solution with no change to your POS equipment.  And, if you have an eCommerce store and sell Apple® products, consider our Apple store plugin to enhance the shopping experience and let consumers customize their Apple products online.

We Support Every Industry

Bridge2 offers all industries a world-class integrated platform, enabling them to drive business results and achieve their goals.














Consumer Products



Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative loyalty platform that enables you to unlock alternative currencies with limitless opportunities.