Loyalty programs are extremely susceptible to fraud. The tremendous stored value in alternative currencies and program members’ relatively infrequent logins and checking of loyalty currency balances exacerbate the potential for fraud.

Loyalty Fraud Security Model

Today some level of fraud exists in most loyalty programs, challenging program managers to actively manage loyalty fraud in order to avoid financial losses and loss of trust in their brand. To combat the rise in fraud in loyalty programs, Bridge2 offers the highest level of fraud protection. As a founding member of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association, we offer expert security protocols that deliver world-class fraud protection and a suite of capabilities which constantly evolve to adapt and protect against criminal attacks on loyalty programs. Our solutions comply with PCI security standards and help you manage fraud and stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

We follow a multi-layer security approach to deliver innovative, cost-effective, secure solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners following industry best practices.

Fraud Protection Suite

The Bridge2 Fraud Protection Suite includes a spectrum of solutions – from frictionless pre-screen capabilities to more robust identification verification techniques. The solutions are configurable and supported by a robust proprietary rules engine based upon hundreds and hundreds of fraud intelligence triggers.

Key Benefits

With Loyalty Fraud Protection, managers have more control over their loyalty programs.

Our configurable solutions let you activate different fraud prevention levers and customize fraud identification rules based on your program activity, so you can proactively test and monitor fraud-related capabilities to manage your risk.
Your loyalty program will experience higher levels of fraud prevention activity, resulting in quantifiable avoidance of financial loss. In addition, we will work together to proactively help minimize any risk to your brand’s reputation.


Bridge2 Fraud Protection Suite Can Help Avert > 90% of Fraud Attempts

Key Features of Our Fraud Protection Suite:

  • Identity Validation:

    Ensure that the user is the owner of the loyalty account

  • Proactive Controls:

    Demonstrate diligent fraud prevention by identifying fraudulent data points and patterns and scoring the device used to make the transaction

  • Fraud Alerts:

    Receive constant alerting on all suspicious activity

  • Event Correlation:

    Identify fraudulent activity tied to specific behaviors

  • In-Depth Log Analysis:

    Analyze logs generated by multiple systems and assign a rule score to identify level of threat

  • Audit Trails:

    Document suspicious activity with an audit trail

  • Fraud Detection Tools:

    Review with online and offline analysis

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