Traditional rewards programs face multiple limitations. Limited product selection. Limited end-user choice. Limited program performance. Limited customer engagement. Limited technology alignment. Bridge2 unlocks these limitations to deliver the best rewards programs.

An Integrated Platform That Builds Business

Our fine-tuned ecosystem brings all partners and participants into a world-class integrated platform. Your customers or employees can redeem points, miles or any other loyalty currency with unmatched redemption possibilities.

Innovative Integrated Platform
Access to Millions & Millions of Rewards
White Label Platform
End to End Support
Bridge2 offers you Keystone, an all-encompassing, single SaaS platform. Flexible. Dynamic. Mobile First. Best in Class Design and User Experience. With the most engaging rewards, selection and value. Our omni-channel solution integrates with all point banks; our seamless technology enables people to redeem rewards when, where and how they want. You’ll have opportunities you never had before – to dramatically enhance engagement, increase satisfaction and achieve business goals.
With Bridge2, you’ll benefit from relationships with thousands of the most desirable brands in the world, leading multi-channel retailers, suppliers, and the biggest names in e-commerce. You can configure a loyalty program that is unsurpassed.
Our multi-tiered white-label platform puts your brand front and center. Bridge2 is the “magic” behind the scenes – connecting reward program members, program owners and reward options through an unmatched customer experience at the most important moment of the loyalty promise – the moment your customer or employee redeems rewards for amazing products and experiences.
Not only is our platform remarkable in its breadth, but also in its depth. The Bridge2 platform provides reconciliation between program sponsors, point banks and commerce partners – something other platforms fail to capture.

It boils down to this – no one but Bridge2 has the breadth of redemption options, the end-to-end functionality and a track record of anticipating consumer behaviors built into an innovative loyalty platform. No one.


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Put our expertise to work for you with multifaceted consumer loyalty programs, incentive programs and unique ways for employees and consumers to get desirable products. Our Loyalty, Incentive and Employee Perk programs all benefit from our ability to deliver the Apple® shopping experience.

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Our platform supports a mix of alternative and traditional currencies, giving participants the greatest flexibility. And it’s all designed with world-class fraud protection, financial reconciliations and reporting capabilities.

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Regardless of industry, we offer unique, relevant solutions expertly crafted for any company that seeks to reward and motivate its customers or employees.

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative loyalty platform that enables you to unlock alternative currencies with limitless opportunities.