Technology Innovation

Old-school redemption won’t cut it anymore.

Consumers have amassed billions in reward currency and want to spend it. Today, consumers are connected at all times, no matter where they are. And they want what they want now. Our technology allows reward programs to offer anytime, anywhere redemption.


Smartphones and 4G networks are changing everything. We are no longer tied to our desks to be as productive as possible, and we do not want to be tied down to use our rewards. Bridge2 Solutions has created a mobile application for both iOS and Android, for our clients to brand and use as their own for real-time rewards, merchant offers and local comparison shopping.

In-Store Pickup

Why make your participants wait for products they have redeemed? With the in-store pickup option, participants who are redeeming rewards on the Bridge2 Solutions platform can have their product within minutes. It is as simple as choosing the in-store pickup option during the checkout process, and the participant can choose which store to pick-up the product, subject to availability. No more ordering products and waiting weeks to receive them, order today and use the product almost immediately. Bridge2 Solutions handles all the heavy-lifting, and we are even working with our Retail suppliers to increase the number of our in-store eligible products.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have always been in high demand in the loyalty space, but they look very different today. Plastic cards are out, electronic redemption is in. Consumers love them because they are sent instantly and easily stored electronically. Retailers love them because they are highly personalized and safe to send to their customers.


Products aren’t always “brick and mortar.” Consumers are enjoying digital products – books, music, games, applications – which are incorporated into our everyday lifestyles. We help you offer them digital rewards, giving consumers access to products their fit their daily needs.


Why should the trade industries get the best deals? Bridge2 Solutions offers millions of merchandise reward products sourced through a vast network of world-class retailers, distributors and wholesalers. Your best customers deserve easy to access shopping, when they want it, how they want it, at wholesale prices. Because of our vast network of commerce partners, no one else online can offer the prices and selection we do for best-in-class brand name products.


Is there anything more exciting than that long-awaited vacation or scoring tickets to the Super Bowl or the current Broadway hit?  Give your best customers the option to take that trip or see that concert with loyalty points they’ve earned. Travel and Events have long been top motivators for any reward program, but Bridge2 Solutions offers the ability to redeem rewards in a whole new way. Participants will have access to an unlimited number of options for airfare, hotel, packages, car rentals, cruises and events. Participants can search destinations, compare rates, view hotel and cruise photographs and take advantage of packaged deals.  With over 400 airlines, 75,000 hotels, nine major cruise lines and access to over three million tickets for more than 30,000 events on our docket, we give participants unlimited options and a user friendly experience similar to the top online travel sites.


Bridge2 Solutions is committed to remaining in front of the industry to offer the most innovative solutions and products consumers demand.