Technical Solutions

We are proud to have built the most cutting-edge technology ever created for retailers and financial institutions’ marketing programs, allowing for paradigm-shifting loyalty reward success. Whether it is our platform architecture, data centers, managed services or compliances, you benefit from our commitment to technology excellence.

Architecture Overview

Bridge2 Solutions has revolutionized the industry by developing an innovative enterprise rewards platform on an open architecture, striving for the highest level of interoperability with our partners, suppliers and clients. Our architecture leverages the latest technologies, best practices and frameworks in order to deliver maximum value and limit the integration costs for our clients. Our architecture is organized with a business-centered approach and provides a model for developers to create a flexible and reusable application.

In addition, we engineered our solution to the highest standards in the industry in regard to achieving compliance with industry privacy and security data requirements. We are the experts in PCI compliance and SAS 70 requirements so you don’t have to be.

Data Center Info

Technology solutions are only as good as their reliability. Trust us. You can sleep well at night knowing we’re on the job. At Bridge2 Solutions we have made the capital and resource investment in infrastructure, systems, people and processes to deliver maximum uptime and reliability. Our state-of-the-art data centers meet the highest certification standards and have each been designed and built with the redundancy to minimize single points of failure and the security necessary to protect our customers' assets. We maintain 24x7 monitoring of all production systems and offer the highest levels of security at all levels of the solution. We’ve partnered with QTS Atlanta, the world’s largest and most secure data center, to ensure protection all the way through the physical layer. There are many other infrastructure investments we’ve made in our data centers to secure your information, and we’d be happy to discuss those with you. But trust us. We have you covered.

Managed Services

We are committed to delivering cost-efficient business and operational services by combining our managed technology services with our rewards platform. We strive for 100% uptime and availability and achieve this through our highly redundant solution. Our experts provide peace of mind regarding your mission-critical needs for optimal performance, reducing risk and ensuring success. Services include:

  • Database Management in a clustered database environment
  • SSL Certificate & Data Encryption Management
  • Cisco Firewalls facing the customer, their customers, and protecting all connections to data
  • Network & Server based Intrusion Detection monitoring
  • Managed Backup Services to include offsite storage at our COB facility
  • Managed Redundancy through the use of VMware, redundant networks,  and shared storage across your platform
  • Managed Releases & Deployments following communicated and non impacting schedules
  • Managed or Dedicated Hosting in the world’s largest data center
  • Continuity of Business in a geographically separated data center