For Retailers

We drive relevant results for our partners, due to the vast marketing capabilities of our platform.

Bridge2 Solutions has opened up a vast and previously untapped revenue channel for our retail partners. Our paradigm-shifting model puts retailers in a situation where they can deploy consumer- based marketing opportunities via a more innovative and cost-effective channel that make consumers act on-the-spot and make them more likely to come back frequently. Working with Bridge2 Solutions, you can connect into a network of hundreds of millions of users with points and credits to spend on your products.

Example – Cyber Monday Promotion

  • Retail Partner Co-Funded Promotion
  • Drove 45x Average Day Sales Volume
  • Lifted 3.5x over Previous Year
  • Offer drove 47% In Store Pick-Up rate



The Benefit

  • New Revenue Channel:  Bridge2 Solutions integrates your product into our rewards catalogs and connects your offers with point account holders. 
  • High Value Focus:  Average order value increases and in-store pickup is popular with high-value customers.
  • Easy Integration and Processing:  Bridge2 Solutions integrates with you and manages order placement and financial reconciliation.
  • Incremental Sales:  With over 2,000,000 items sold last year, Bridge2 Solutions can drive millions of dollars in incremental sales to your organization.
  • Foot Traffic:  Utilizing In Store Pick Up, Bridge2 Solutions has driven tens of thousands of account holders into participating retail outlets.
  • Co-Marketing:  We work with some of the largest member base loyalty programs in the country enabling co-marketing capabilities to large scale captive audiences.


We bring the customers to you when, how and where you want them. We provide a marketing platform that promotes your relevant offers to captive customers at the right time, incenting behavior and driving relevant results.

For more information on how you can tap into revenues from the incentive and loyalty channels, contact Jarod Smith at [email protected]