Financial Partner Program

Drive. Card. Usage.  That’s the main goal. Bridge2 Solutions’ paradigm-shifting technology allows a financial institution to do just that, drive greater card usage and realize significant benefits for its program, its consumers and participating retailers by:

  • Incenting in-store pick up through richer promotional marketing offers
  • Providing retailers with opportunity to offer discounted points redemption (e.g. $10 for $50 - 20% or more off applied to points redemption valuation)
  • Providing retailers the opportunity to fund bonus points for additional spend on card
  • Allowing retailers to offer extended Free Shipping Offers to redemption customers
  • Giving consumers more relevant currency -- what they want when they want it -- with Web and mobile offerings

No other program out there can drive consumer card transactions like we can.  Our innovative technology opens up an entirely new world for financial institutions.

Working with Bridge2 Solutions’ brand-driven solution and extensive retail partner network allows a financial institution to achieve:

  • Card Transactions
  • Balance Build
  • Enhanced Value Creation
  • Richer Partnership with Retailer
  • Innovative and Efficient Marketing Delivery
  • Endless Possibilities for Partner Subsidized Earn and Burn Promotional Offers
  • Volume Leverage for Strategic Banking Relationships

Retail Partner Program

Relevant, compelling currency. We have created a first-of-its kind innovative program that relies on a retailer-centric fulfillment model, partnering directly with retailers. What does this mean?  It means that, despite the threat retailers are under from the e-commerce channel, Bridge2 Solutions has opened up the most valuable currency on the face of the planet to retailers. Our paradigm-shifting model puts retailers in a situation where they can deploy consumer- based marketing opportunities, making consumers more likely to use them and come back frequently. Revenue grows, consumer loyalty grows and everyone wins.

We bring the customers to you when, how and where you want them. We provide a marketing platform which promotes your relevant offers to the right customers, integrating those offers seamlessly into over 40 different loyalty platforms.

Bridge2 Solutions’ innovative model:

  • Incents in-store pick up through richer promotional marketing offers and patent-pending in-store points redemption and pickup
  • Offers discounted points redemption
  • Funds bonus points for additional spend on card
  • Extends Free Shipping Offers to redemption customers
  • Offers partner-branded mobile application for servicing and redeeming points
  • Encourages consumer social advocacy (sharing offers, providing feedback)
  • Manages over 700 loyalty rewards programs including 300 Financial Institution programs
  • Is integrated with over 40 suppliers
  • Offers over 10 million items in one seamless platform