What Consumers Want

At Bridge2 Solutions,  what consumers want: choice, selection, convenience, value and brand engagement. Our results-driven solution offers technology innovations in points redemption delivers it all.

In-store pickup ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction Scores

Our delivery options give shoppers the greatest value for their merchandise. We offer consumers access to your products when, how and where consumers want to purchase them. That translates into real-time redemption at local merchants and incremental card usage. Retailers can curate their own catalog of products with real-time pricing and selection while consumers gain personalized shopping experiences.

90 % of consumers surveyed would like to use their mobile device to redeem rewards/benefits in store. (Loyalty 360 Mobile Wallet Survey)

Options for mobile redemption, easy-to-use points, retail selection, best-in-class products and true value pricing add up to deliver the best just-in-time compelling retail experience on the planet.