Rewards as Currency

We make reward programs more relevant than ever before.  With Bridge2 Solutions, points are tomorrow’s currency incorporated into everyday spending behaviors.

Loyalty currency has evolved beyond its single program utility to a viable and relevant form of tender. Consumers have amassed billions in rewards currency across many types of programs but will no longer accept static, analogous rewards for their spending behavior. Careful spending and reward benefits have become too important in today’s economy. Over 32% of consumers find retail loyalty programs "more important" when battling tough economic times, saying the recession has made their participation in retail rewards programs more important than ever. (Colloquy)

But “old school” reward programs will no longer cut it with today’s smart, “I want it now” consumer. Rewards need to be easy to amass and convenient to spend. In addition, product selection is paramount to the success of any loyalty reward program.

That’s where we come in. We are changing everything.

Bridge2 Solutions has a proven model of connecting consumers, retail partners and their loyalty programs to the greatest benefit to all parties. We allow retailers to offer an unmatched product selection, the convenience of mobile redemption and in-store pickup, while utilizing leading-edge technology for real-time pricing and customized retail promotions. Unspent points are no longer a liability, customers are driven into local stores and higher ticket items are purchased.

Leveraging the Bridge2 Solutions’ innovative, market-changing platform will provide holistic marketing solutions for your program. Many of the world’s top retailers are already seeing the benefits. That makes consumers happy . . . which makes them spend more . . . which makes a retailer’s bottom line rise.