Management of any Rewards Program can be complex. Bridge2 simplifies Program Management and the operational aspects of running a program while reducing costs and providing flexibility.

Flexibility to Differentiate Your Program

We’ll work together so your rewards program promotes your brand, reflecting the unique characteristics that will make it a success. Program managers can easily configure the Bridge2 platform to create differentiation and give them ultimate control over their rewards program.

Operational Expertise and Reporting Give You The Tools To Drive Cost Efficiencies

Program management is not just about the front-end. Bridge2 also enhances the operational aspects of your customer loyalty program. We combine top-notch service operations with our best-in-class platform to bring you cost efficiencies, flexibility and robust ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Single Point of Contact

One contact for all operational tasks, simplifying program management and reducing overhead costs

Financial Reconciliation

Unique to Bridge2, we provide all financial reconciliation across all reward providers and third-party relationships

Fully Integrated

We handle all integrations and support, so you are not burdened

Robust Reporting Tool

Execute reports to analyze past data to optimize your program, including default reports, as well as customizable reports

Bridge2 provides you with all the required tools to control and minimize the complexities of managing a rewards program.

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative loyalty platform that enables you to unlock alternative currencies with limitless opportunities.