Game-changing Loyalty Solutions and Amazing Customer Experiences

Over the last 20 years, technology has disrupted and changed the way consumers shop. As the leading and most trusted SaaS technology and innovation platform, Bridge2 has unlocked loyalty currencies to allow program participants to shop when, where and how they want with reward currencies.




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First to Market Achievements

Nothing is one-size-fits-all
Innovative marketplace solutions
Tackling real world challenges
Our single-source, global platform can be configured to your needs. Built for resiliency and scalability, our unique platform integrates with any point bank or commerce partner, allowing unmatched access to millions of purchasable items. Your strategic aspirations and business goals always stay front and center.
Our first-in-class innovations pave the way to replacing and supplementing dollars and cents with points and miles. Through our direct connections with global retailers, alternative currencies can be used to purchase millions of products and services.
Our real-time platform supports instant redemption and purchase capabilities with in-store pickup as well as the opportunity to offer payment via payroll deductions. Innovation drives our ability to deliver transformational marketplace solutions and dramatically enhanced engagement.
We translate our customers’ goals and needs into binary code. As loyalty experts, we first focus on our clients’ real world business challenges, then use our technology expertise to create amazing and seamless experiences. This is our passion.

Support Services

Loyalty Program Strategy

Our industry experts take a consultative approach, working with you to build the right loyalty program for your business.

Project and Relationship Management

A dedicated Account Manager will assist you throughout the entire process, from planning, integration and launch, to ongoing operations and reporting

 Loyalty Marketing Strategy

We optimize engagement and personalize the experience by implementing best practices in the design, content and communication tactics of your program.

Call Center Servicing, Operations

Bridge2 goes beyond the typical technology platform offerings, providing call center support and operations management.

Social Purpose

We are an organization that is committed to making a difference and giving back to our communities, both financially and with our time. Every year through company planned events we contribute and work with children’s charities and organizations focused on healthcare, parks and recreation, holiday activities and many other causes that are important to our company, our employees, and our communities.

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative loyalty platform that enables you to unlock alternative currencies with limitless opportunities.