Customer Support

Research shows that 74% of consumers will spend more if they have a great customer service experience. And 82% of consumers state that the number 1 factor that leads to a great customer service experience is having their questions and issues resolved quickly. Overall, consumers will recommend and develop emotional ties to brands which are customer focused and deliver a great customer service experience.

In the rewards space, customer support needs range from help booking a trip or flight, to checking on the delivery status of an item to purchasing a gift card. Typically questions will revolve around the ‘moment of truth’, or when the customer is redeeming their rewards currency. In our last blog we acknowledged how the ‘moment of truth’ needs to be the ultimate rewarding experience in order to drive long-term emotional engagement. Great customer support teams understand that the very first interaction between the consumer and customer service, and every interaction thereafter, can make or break loyalty to a brand.

Bridge2 Solutions offers more than engaging loyalty and rewards platforms –we also offer tier 2 customer service support for businesses. At Bridge2 we have a customer focused culture intended to positively drive loyalty between our corporate customers and their consumers and employees. Our daily goal is to go above and beyond and to ensure that all of our customers’ consumers will keep coming back and enjoying all the benefits that their loyalty program has to offer. After all, there is no better way to engage a customer than by delighting them with a positive customer experience.