Our Approach

The traditional model of reward programs has remained unchanged since the 1970s . . . providers sourced preferred relationships with category vendors, offering limited product selection and putting customer choice as a secondary priority.
We are changing everything. Our paradigm shifting philosophy to loyalty reward programs propels the industry into a new era, delivering the ultimate experience to the consumer. With rewards programs, points are tomorrow’s currency.
Making customer choice a foremost priority, Bridge2 Solutions partners directly with retailers to bring the most innovative user experience to market. These direct relationships allow for when-I-want-it delivery via the channel of the consumer’s choice. If a consumer wants a new television in time for tomorrow’s big game, he can order it online via his reward points, and drive to the local retailer for same day, no-hassle pickup. If a traveler wants new brand-name luggage for that trip of a lifetime, he’ll find it through our wholesale partners for 30% less than other major Internet retailers.  With options such as in-store pickup, mobile redemption, unlimited access to the latest and greatest products, real-time pricing and the ability to promote location-based-services, retailers and financial institutions can build relationships with their loyalty program customers like never before. And Bridge2 Solutions allows them to do it better and more economically than any other program on the market.

In short, we offer your program participants the ultimate shopping experience at the highest value for a true wholesale experience, making their reward points more beneficial than ever before.