Paradigm-shifting loyalty reward success. We have built the most cutting-edge technology ever created for retailers and financial institutions’ marketing programs.



In-Store Pickup

Our model of direct merchant relationships allows loyalty program members to convert points in-store and real-time. This instant, gratifying availability combats the showrooming trend in a very effective, innovative way.




Smartphones and 4G networks are changing everything. Mobile redemption, in-store barcode scanning and other innovative applications create an efficient channel that gets consumers excited (and their wallets open).



Real Innovation

We are propelling the industry into a new era, delivering real innovation in points redemption. Learn how you can deliver the best, most compelling retail experience on the planet.


B2S manages over 700
loyalty rewards programs
including hundreds of
regional institutions.
  B2S powers 40% of global
financial institutions, in
addition to hundreds of
regional financial institutions.
  B2S offers more than
10 million loyalty
redemption options with
leading retail partners.